Last Snow Before Spring was screened at The CineL Rail Festival International Festival Train & Metro on Film Paris.
It was timetabled on Programme 5 on Friday 5 March at 16:00.
Place: Le Reflet Me'dicis cinema - 3, rue Champollion | 75005 Paris
Mai Yoshida was invited to the festival and featured on a magazine called Kochipan (in french)

The summary: Trains exert an unfailing power over filmmakers' imagination the world over : making this the basis and the matter for a festival was an evidence. As they carry people, trains also convey their stories, wich make up our history. Remember : The Battle of the Rails, Once Upon a Time in the West, Life is a miracle, Central do Brasil, The Navigators... Trains stand for dreams, struggles, expectations, love and hate. They are the purveyors of life, hope or death The wide range of talents featured in CineLRail, offers cinema lovers a compelling view of human nature with its dark as well as its bright sides. With its international short films competition and its feature length films selection, CineLRail is pleased to welcome you to a journey through the fantastic, romantic and utterly human world of trains...


CineLRail International Festival Train & Metro on Film Paris
2nd to 9th March 2010