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On 27th January 2010

I went to the ISCA to do the screening and lecturing.

This time they were full time students aged between 16 and 19. They were 16 of them. Everyone chose an elective such as Textile, Fine Art, Graphic and Design, some were interested in animation and how to make it. This term their brief was to make a flip-book, understanding the movement, making a story board and so on, which teaches them to understand animations.

As soon as the screen was on, everyone gazed the animations. I told them how the each animation was made with what kind of technique.
After that, I showed my work in progress which is hundreds of drawings that create animated human.
They seemed interested in looking at them as the students asked many questions.

A student asked me to keep in touch and some asked me to come to the school again.
I definitely love to see them again!


On 9th November 2011

I went to the ISCA to do the screening and lecturing.
There were students from East Europe, Japan, USA, China....another great session.

On 11th July 2012

I gave a lecture at Camberwell College of Art, where I used to study.
They have changed a few of the interiors but everything reminded me of 4 years of memory.

I presented my animations and we discussed how we get into the Art industries after graduation.
A lot of students that I met on that day seemed interested in animations and fashions.



On 21st July 09

I was given an opportunity to give a lecture and an animation screening at The International School of Creative Arts. (ISCA)

It was the last week of 3 week summer course, where they studied 3D, Fashion, and Painting. The student ages were between 16 - 18. They all came from different countries including U.S.A., Turkey, Holland, Singapore, and Taiwan etc.

All students seemed to be having fun in this school. A farewell party was going on and some people looked quite upset about friends leaving, but all seemed very focused during screening. As soon as all animations finished, many raised their hands for questions excitedly. That was very impressing. Questions included 'How did you come up with an idea?', ' What software do you use?' and ' how do you get the effects?' I hope my animations have given them some ideas for their further interests.

I hope to see them in a few years again :)