London Educational Partnership Awards June 2009

I was invited to the London Educational Partnership Awards (LEPA) again in 2009. The venue this year was the beautiful historical building called Painted Hall that I was really fascinated by.

In the awards ceremony at Painted Hall in June 2009, the charity was presented with artwork 'Butterfly' designed by Mai Yoshida.
The Painted Hall, probably the finest dining hall in the Western world, is decorated with stunning paintings by James Thornhill, and is part of the King William Court. This was planned to be the hospital's dining hall. Wren submitted the designs in 1698, and the roof and the dome above were already in place five years later. Thornhill's decoration, by contrast, took nineteen years to complete. For his egreat and laborious undertakingf Thornhill was paid by the yard | and eventually knighted. While Thornhill worked, more and more pensioners were coming to Greenwich. Pensioners could not eat in the Hall while he was working and it was both too grand and too much of a tourist attraction when finished. (Quoted from the LEPA and Painted Hall website:)

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