Pinocchio Art Exhibition


Pinocchio was a group Art exhibition that happened for 20 days at East London in December 2006.

Aqffin Gallery invited 4 artists including Mai Yoshida, Sumito Sakakibara, Aesun Kim, and Matthew Taylor. This exhibition was sponserd by Tiger Beer, Yomiuri News Paper, Japan Foundation, and Royal College of Art.


Pinocchio from Press release

Gallery Aqffin presents Animations and Art Installations by four talented young artists from Japan and the UK. Pinocchio | a satirical story about the wooden puppet boy, who was punished for being lazy and for his lies by getting a funny long nose, became the red thread connecting the works of these four original young artists. Besides being cute story for children with moral contents, a story of Pinocchio was a provocative critique of the middle class in the Italian society of 19th century. This hybrid of cuteness of expression, fantasy, humor and critical view on the society is a common feature of the all works exhibited. Also, hybrid nature of this exhibition reflects the fact that majority of artists are animators by training but in this show the emphasis is on the aspects of fine art in their works.

A talented young artist Mai Yoshida has just appeared on the artistic scene after graduating at the RCA last year. However, with her numerous projects she is a promising artist of a new generation. Fantasy like atmosphere of her films helps to perceive the universality and humor of the massages which are hidden behind. Her short films show not only mastery of animation but are of the high fine art quality and originality of ideas. /http://www.

Sumito Sakakibara is internationally recognized young artist animator - director, illustrator, comic artist and children`s book illustrator who has been nominated and awarded prices in the UK, France and Japan. His film Kamiya tsu^shin (Kamiya's Correspondence), the story about a little girl writing a letter to her distant mother, was the winner of the Student Animation for Adults category at the IMAF 2005 and gained a nomination to the BAFTA Awards. His animation stands out with its very fine quality of animated pictures which is truly on the edge between fine art and animation. Through the peacefulness and gentle colouring of his animation Sumito points out at social problems in the modern Japanese society using distinctively Japanese visual sensibility. However, the artistic impact of his work is universal and easily perceived by non-Japanese viewers. He says: gMy film is all about Japan and the essence of living in that particular culture, yet it has a universal appeal to people of all ethnic backgrounds.h This universality of expression and high artistic quality of his work make him one of the progressive artists of the future.

Microcosm of Aesun Kim`s installations is a play of light and reflection. Aesun is modeling atmosphere of the modern world from shadows and paper. Aesun`s personal experience of being a stranger in the country she was born in was one of the main inspirations for her work. It made her think about how people are percieved by others and that these perceptions are often based on prejudices or pieces of paper. Cute on the surface, world of Aesun Kim shows critical view on the darkness and irony of everyday city life. http://

Matthew Taylor is a visual artist based in the UK. His installations show some similarities with others from this group show. Characters seem to come from somehow Disney like looking world, but, in fact, they are inhabitants of the rough life of the city underground such as prostitutes and beggars.

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